MotorStorm Apocalypse Still Kickin’ It With “After Party” DLC

What’s better than racing from rooftop to rooftop in a crumbling post apocalyptic landscape with your dust kicking up into losing opponent’s faces? Free DLC that lets you keep on doing it, of course!

Evolution Studios is making sure they’ve earned their fans respect by rewarding them with a free update today that offers better in-game stability, as well as a new track. Most of the in-game improvements have been vaguely described as tweaks and fixes to online lobbies, profiles, and vehicle handling. In particular, the Supercar, Dirt Bike, Superbike, Racing Truck, Muscle Car and ATV classes will have the most noticeable changes. That’s all gravy, but a free level and new special events are the real meat and potatoes of the free update.

The new level is dubbed “The Rock.” Like all MotorStorm Apocalypse tracks, numerous branching pathways offer options to players of each vehicle class. Off-roading action carves its way around a prison island, which sounds like it was directly inspired by Alcatraz, but that may be ignorant speculation. The expansion of the special events offer three single player challenge difficulties that reward a large chunk of chips, up to 30,000 total. Every Wednesday, the races change, giving players a fresh chance to take on the rivals in the races. These special events will be offered in six different packs, the first of which is entitled “Stone: Jack of Clubs,” and is included in the free update.

All in all, it sounds like a great reason to turn MotorStorm Apocalypse back on right now, and learn the new stomping grounds while getting a feel for the tuning made to each vehicle class. Keep in mind that more is on the way in the form of challenge packs, and hopefully they’ll keep cranking out new race tracks too. As always we’ll update you when we know more, and in the meantime let us know what you think of the changes below!