Major Update on Street Fighter X Tekken Coming in July

Since E3, Street Fighter X Tekken has gained significant momentum in popularity. Even with a relatively small roster of Sagat, Cammy, Chun-Li, Abel, Guile, Ken Masters, Ryu, Kazuya, Nina, King, Marduk, Bob, Julia and Hwoarang (and Cole), fans are eager for more information on what may be the next biggest title to hit the fighting circuit. Top fighting game talents like Mike Ross, Gootecks, cl0ckw0rk and Maximillian to name just a few are already dissecting the game. If you find yourself clamoring for details on the game (such as I do), then July is going to be a good month for you.

Yoshinori Ono, Producer, had previously teased fans by saying that something was coming soon. At Northern California Regionals #9, Seth Killian, Capcom Community Manager—aka s-kill—has just about made Ono-san’s tease official. In a recent interview, when asked when we could expect the next major update on SFxT, Killian said:

We should have a little something at Comic-Con and EVO is coming up soon as well.

Comic-Con is July 21-24 with EVO July 29-31—both unrivalled in their respective classes. If there is a time to make huge announcements that will hit the scene like a shock wave, it’s at both of those. Reading into it would seem that we might get two separate announcements; a win for fans of the game.

PlayStation LifeStyle will be providing coverage of the events and as things unfold.