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Kenshi Enters Mortal Kombat on July 5th

It’s been only one week since Skarlet was released into Mortal Kombat, spilling the blood of kombatants everywhere. But already, NetherRealm Studios has release a new trailer for the next DLC character, Kenshi, which also shows when the blind swordsman will hit the PlayStation Network.

Although it’s been known for some time that Skarlet and Kenshi would be the first DLC charaters to be available in Mortal Kombat, we weren’t expecting their release to be so close together. Judging by this, Skarlet, and the classic DLC costume pack, it would seem that NetherRealm is going with a bi-weekly release schedule for their DLC. Which could mean that Rain may be set to release on July 19th. Followed by another now-unnamed kombatant on August 2nd.

For now, check out the debut trailer for Kenshi, which highlights his unique moveset, and gives a short look at his X-ray and his fatalities.