Skarlet’s Story Trailer Shows Rain in DLC Forecast

Mortal Kombat is finally going to see Skarlet as a real character on the roster, and now we know exactly when she’ll be joining the ranks, and that some other fan-favorite kombatants won’t be far behind.

The long awaited super secret fighter that’s only really been a glitch until now is on the verge of making the rivers run red with blood. With a brutally fast and violent fighting style, Skarlet is Shao Kahn’s last resort in desperate times, and he’ll finally unleash her on opposing kombatants on June 21st. The news comes thanks to her new story line video, which also packed a nice little surprise at the very end. In the final few seconds we’re shown that three more kombatants are on the way, one of which is of course Kenshi. The second is Rain, the half-human, half-god born in Edenia who betrayed his home world when faced with death at the hands of Shao Kahn. The third character is shown only as a silhouette, leaving the remaining DLC on route a mystery, for the moment.


With such a vicious fighter on the way, and more to come, Mortal Kombat keeps giving players reasons to keep coming back for more, besides the already stellar gameplay. Keep checking back with us for more info on the remainder of the pending roster, and let us know who you think could fill that mystery shadow at the end of the trailer! I’m going to take a stab in the dark and say it’s Blaze.