L.A. Noire Ships 4 Million, Japan Ready to Passively Interrogate People

Rockstar Games has announced that LA Noire has shipped 4 million copies to retailers in North America and Europe. This number accounts for both the 360 and PS3 versions combined. Congratulations to the crew. Here in Japan, we’re getting pumped for this game to arrive in our stores on July 7. Living here in Japan and seeing the trouble the culture has with direct questions or questions about touchy subjects, I for one will be an enthralled bystander watching the locals play this game. I’m quite interested to know how the translation turns out as well.

Here’s how I see it going down:

Cop: Do you deny shooting Mr. Smith?

Suspect: Well, on the topic of Mr. Smith, and with shooting, there is always someone who must, well, there must be a gun and a bullet and a person to fire the gun and a target for the bullet, but as to my location at the time, and in harmony with my memories, the connection might not be there.

Cop: So…wait, what? Did you shoot the guy or not?

Suspect: Regarding Mr. Smith, who was killed, the times my locations match his maybe are not what the police expect, and I think possibly, there is a disruption in the evidence and circumstance surrounding his death and your suspicion of the man you captured, who is perhaps, the man in front of you.

Cop: You?

Suspect: What?

Cop: Are you confessing or denying here?

Suspect: Probably, I think so.

Cop: Probably what? Aw hell.

-Rank Updated +6 experience-

We’re bracing ourselves over here, as a culture-bending mega hit just might be on our hands. Also blood.