Dissidia 012 Avatars Nickel-and-Dime the PlayStation Network

Square Enix’s fighting game with an RPG accent will offer its players some extra trinkets as downloadable extras for a buck here and a few cents there.

Available now, for 49 cents each, are these avatars from Dissidia 012: Laguna (originally in FFVIII), Shantotto (FFXI), Dark Knight Cecil (FFIV), Emperor (FFII), Kuja (FFIX), Vaan(FFXII), and Exdeath (FFV).

On July 19, background music packs are also available for 99 cents each. These come in the form three tracks each, bundled by game; current packs include Final Fantasy V, Final Fantasy VI, and Final Fantasy IX. The company hasn’t been specific about exactly what music tracks these BGM packs contain, though perhaps more information will be made available soon; there may also be a sample provided to prospective customers within the PSN interface. It’s not yet certain. For now, at least, Final Fantasy music fans will have to wait and wonder exactly what the three tracks per game could be.

Also hitting the store on July 19 and costing the same price as the music selections will be some costume packs. Final Fantasy V‘s Bartz gets a dancer outfit, Final Fantasy VI‘s leading lady Terra gets a striped dress, and Final Fantasy XI‘s Shantotto gets a wedding dress.

Since its release last March, Dissidia 012 [duodecim] has been supported via DLC with regularity.