Battlefield 3’s Team Deathmatch Aimed to Attract Those Who Don’t Care for Objectives

Over the years, Call of Duty and Battlefield have had their bouts, although both games strive to deliver very different gameplay experiences. While COD is known for being a high-octane shooter with lone-wolf, Rambo style killing taking the front seat, BF strives for something more methodical: a grand war experience with vehicles, tactics, and a much higher degree of macro-management. But what about those who like one game, but want it to be like the other? Say hello to Battlefield 3‘s Team Deathmatch.

In response to concerns that kills will take precedence over objectives, senior gameplay designer Alan Kertz shared that Battlefield 3‘s team deathmatch mode will be the main attraction for those not interested in fulfilling objectives. Alan posted the following:

We track Kills and Deaths, showing the ratio is just a convinence. TDM should attract KD ppl away from objective modes.

The Battlefield games have always done a great job of rewarding those who play together and try to prevail with comrades, and the fine balance between reward for killing, and completing objectives has helped promote that style of play. Nothing is worse than trying to win matches and seeing teammates running away from objectives to chase down other players, so splitting those players away from the objective-based modes will go a long way. Now they just need a way to entice players to throw on a headset and communicate verbally to really bring teamwork to a new level. But hey, that’s what friends and clans are for.