Cross Game Chat #44 – Must Play Games

It’s the 4th of July, but that’s not the only reason to call for a celebration. The real reason to light off some fireworks, sit back and relax with a cold one, is to get in the right mood for another episode of Cross Game Chat.

Our News Stories

  • Shareholders ask Sony CEO to Step Down Link
  • Ken Kutaragi retires from PlayStation Link
  • Andrew House and Kazuo Hirai get promotions Link
  • Supreme Court says no to California Law Link
  • PS Vita Demonstrates Facial Recognition Link
  • OnLive looking into consoles Link
  • Limbo coming to PSN Link
  • Sony nabs augmented reality developer Link
  • New Fatal Frame coming to PS3? Link

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This week, we talk about games that everyone must play. Next week, we talk about games that should of had a sequel, but never got one. Send in your thoughts to [email protected] or PSLifestyle via Twitter. You can also stop by JTV to chat and watch videogame gameplay.

Cameron’s Anime Recommendation

The Cat Returns

PMC’s Music Pick


Allen’s Pop Movie

The Day the Earth Stood Still