Cross Game Chat #67 – Starhawk Talk and Extreeeeeeeeeme Gaming Moments

Boom! It’s the last podcast of the year and we are going out by talking about some of our most extreme gaming moments. Josh, by far, has the most extreme life out of anyone. Josh also goes into more detail on his Starhawk beta impressions during obsessions portion of the podcast. Once the podcast returns in 2012, the crew will talk about the highs and lows of the PlayStation over the past year. Be sure not to miss it!

This Week’s News Topics:

Bossa Studios: Vita Will “Die a Horrible Premature” Death Read>>

Plants Vs. Zombies coming to PlayStation Vita as a launch title Read>>

Beatshapers Announces StarDrone Extreme for Vita Launch Read>>

Homefront Marketing Mistake Results in $7000 fine Read>>

The Last of Us trailer might be set in Ohio Read>>

The Last of Us not a zombie game Read>>

Sony Launches PlayStation Game Music Service in Japan Read>>

Just Cause 3 in the works, movie too Read>>

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As always, you can email us at [email protected] or send a message to PSLifeStyle via Twitter. Now, you can also leave us a voicemail at 331-222-7757, and make sure to leave your message after the beep. We want to know what you think were the highs and lows of the PlayStation this year. How did the Move stack up? Were there enough games? Were they good games? Lay it all out.

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Where Is My Heart (PlayStation minis)