Homefront Marketing Mistake Results in $7000 Fine

A marketing event meant to promote March’s Homefront has resulted in a $7,000 fine against the marketing company who thought up the stunt. During the 2011 Games Developer Conference the company released 10,000 red balloons to show off the game, but many of them ended up in the San Francisco Bay.

The marketing company, TrashTalkFCM, has thirty days to pay the fine levied by the San Fransisco Bay Regional Water Quality Control Board (whew, that is a mouthful!).

Homefront was released in late March to less than critical acclaim. It wasn’t exactly the Call of Duty competitor that THQ had hoped for, but it still did pretty well for itself. In the end, the game moved over 2.4 million units in the first month, but strong sales were not enough to save the developer Kaos Studios, who closed their doors in June.

A sequel to Homefront is currently under development at Crytek, the developers behind the absolutely beautiful Crysis 2.