THQ Shutting Down Two Studios

THQ has grown substantially as a company over the past decade and a half. Originally a toy company, THQ decided to concentrate solely on video games in 1994, and acquired their first development company in 2000. Since then, THQ has acquired 11 studios including Relic Entertainment, Vigil Games, Blue Tongue Entertainment, THQ Digital Warrington, Kaos Studios, and Volition Inc.

THQ announced that they will close down both THQ Digital Warrington and Kaos Studios. THQ Digital Warrington has worked on mobile games and Warhammer 40,000: Kill Team, and Kaos Studios is the developer behind Homefront. THQ Digital Warrington had 46 developers that are going to be laid off. Kaos Studios had a staff of over 100 employees, but they have the option of relocating to THQ’s Montreal studio. THQ is in the process of creating 400 jobs at the Montreal office. Considering that Homefront sold over 1 million copies, it isn’t a surprise that THQ would want the Kaos developers to stay within the company.