Plants vs. Zombies Coming to PlayStation Vita as a Launch Title

Addictive strategy title Plants vs. Zombies may have already arrived on a number of platforms, but PopCap’s title is about to find yet another home. The game has been confirmed as a launch title for the PlayStation Vita.

IGN reports that Plants vs. Zombies on Vita is close to identical to the version already available on PlayStation Network, although the Vita version will have online leaderboards.

IGN’s preview revealed that the Vita version of the game will have touch controls and praised them, describing them as “intuitive,” but noted that when switching to normal controls, touch functionality was instantly turned off. The preview also said that the game will come with a Platinum Trophy.

Sony tweeted earlier:

Surprise! Plants vs Zombies is coming to PS Vita. Thanks @popcap @SonyOnline.

The game will be available for Vita’s launch on the system’s launch day, February 22, 2012, presumably as a digital download.