Just Cause Movie Being Developed, Third Game in Works

The Just Cause series has always felt like a blockbuster movie, so it was no surprise when it was announced that Hollywood was going to tackle the Just Cause universe. Now, having a fist fight on the back of a nuclear missile or using jet planes as surf boards might be a little difficult to capture on the silver screen, but the movie is sure to incorporate some of Rico Rodriguez’s daring stunts. New details on that movie have just emerged, as well as a surprise about the video game franchise.

A script is in the works for Just Cause: Scorpion Rising. There is already a movie starring Sean Connery titled Just Cause that was released back in 1995, so that name was taken. The Hollywood Reporter claims that the writer, Bryan Edward Hill, is working on the second draft of the script. Hill is a comic writer who has worked on comics such as Netherworld, and Broken Trinity: Aftermath. The first draft for the movie was written by Michael Ross, who wrote the script for 2006 film Turistas. The Hollywood Reporter also reveals in their article that, “a third game is now in development.” If their report is accurate, then that is a significant reveal to include in the article. Avalanche Studios and Square Enix have yet to confirm if a Just Cause 3 is actually in the works.