Now That BioShock Is Getting A Movie, What Games-to-Movie Should Come Next?

With the news that Netflix is putting together a BioShock movie, something that should hopefully be amazing, it got my brain putting in a bit of overtime to think of other video game properties that should be adapted into a live-action experience. Yes, I am fully aware that video game to movie adaptations aren’t always handled the best way; looking at you Resident Evil, Prince of Persia, Super Mario, Street Fighter, Blood Rayne, and many more. Still, it’s cool to think of some games that could possibly do well and there have been some good games gone movies in recent years. So without anymore gibber-jabber from me,  here is our list of video game movies we want to see.

These Video Game Movies Deserve to be Made

dino crisis

Dino Crisis

Sure, we already have Jurassic Park, but there is something very different with Dino Crisis. Without diving too much into the plot itself, you have a team of soldiers dropped into a remote island and tasked with finding a scientist who is running a secret weapons project. Little does the team know the island is infested with all sort of dinosaurs and monsters, making it extremely difficult to succeed in their mission. Think Resident Evil but with dinosaurs and you have the potential for a great survival horror movie.

Murdered: Soul Suspect

While this game didn’t have the best time with critics, scoring a 5.5 from us, it still had an amazing premise and setting to it, something that if adapted correctly, could make for a very good detective thriller. The game is set in a fictional version of Salem and puts players into the role of Detective Ronan O’Connor, who is trapped in the afterlife. The only cure to this, finding his killer with his new supernatural abilities.

PlayStation News July 2021

Dead Space

The original Dead Space was a game that had so much good going for it. Set in a space station with a badass suit, loads of kickass weapons, and far too many things out for your blood and you have the makings of a great horror flick. A bloody mess if done right, this could even spawn a series of movies that gives us a new hero to cheer for in the cinema.

fumito ueda new game

Shadow of the Colossus

Load up the CGI colossi and get the perfect director, and you have what I expect to be a surefire hit on your hands. Ok, so it’s not that easy but with the right direction it could be a very good movie. Yes, you would have to pick and choose which colossi you would use, as 16 is probably too many for a single movie and I have a hard time seeing this getting multiple movies, but man it just sounds fun. Just make sure your writer is top notch, cause it could use a little bit of diagloue.

God of War PC Release Date

God of War

You had to know this game would make the list right? It has everything you would need for a great movie, with an awesome lead character, a boy, and plenty of mythical creatures to do battle with. I mean, if we can get a few Mortal Kombat movies, there is no reason this can’t exist as well. Just imagine a live action Kratos saying boy 750 times during a 2 hour long movie. Build it, and they will come.

detroit become human new update

Detroit: Become Human

This one seems fairly straightforward if you ask me. We have already seen movies such as i Robot and Blade Runner, which I see this being somewhat in the same vein as. Lots of options here on how you would want to take the story and which characters, if not all of them, that you want to focus on. It’s already basically a movie as is, so now just get some real life actors and go at it!

Valkyria Chronicles

I was looking for an RPG to get on this list and think I’ve settled quiet nicely with this entry. Good solid war movie with some fantasy elements of course and one kickass tank. The script lends itself rather well to being adapted and it has a great set of characters that should go over well with audiences. This could even be a TV series if you really wanted to cheat and that could do really well.

What did you think of our list? I know you had to like some of our suggestions but what would be some of yours for video game movies? Let us know in the comments below.