DualShock & Awe Minicast – We’re Back and Ready to Kick Some Ass!

July 24, 2012Written by Paulmichael Contreras

Did you miss us last week? We sure missed you. DualShock & Awe returns after an eventful week off! But wait…things feel a bit different than before. With this week’s minicast, we say goodbye to longtime-member Josh, as well as Canadian-listener-turned-guest Eric. Sad though it may be to lose these two great podcasters, we must move on! Don’t worry, though, this isn’t a two-man show, much as we’d all love to hear Cameron rant for a half hour. No, instead we say hello to Vivas Kaul, whose handiwork you’ve no doubt read on PSLS.

Of course, we also go over some of the news from the past week, including Metal Gear Solid 4 finally due to receive a trophy patch and re-release, and no, this time it is not an April Fool’s joke! There’s also the disappointing, but luckily bogus, rumors of Final Fantasy Versus XIII getting the boot, and Cam’s got a mouthful for Square Enix! So join us for an invigorating discussion, and be sure to give us your thoughts on the show in the comments below.

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