PS Vita Demonstrates Facial Recognition

At Game Tools and Middleware Forum 2011 taking place in Tokyo, Sony showcased the power of the PS Vita in an impressive tech demo that must be seen to be believed. Enter a new technology referred to as “Face Control.”

Developers are just starting to understand the power of the PS Vita and everything it’s capable of doing. At Game Tools and Middleware Forum 2011, Sony presented a tech demo that showed facial recognition running on the PS Vita. Utilizing the front facing camera, two presenters selected two very different avatars. Once the avatars were selected, the PS Vita then mapped the avatars over the presenters head, torso portion and began to render it in real-time. The male presenter moved his head side to side, up down, and moved his lips all while the system rendered his every move

The demo get’s even more impressive. A female presenter joined him in a video chat. The two talked back and forth and the female presenter even blinked—all the while her PS Vita avatar replicated her movements. With this type of advanced capability this early, Sony has a bright future ahead for the newest member of the PlayStation brand.

Don’t believe it? Look at the video below.