Reassume the Role of Cole Phelps in L.A. Noire: The VR Case Files, Out Today on PSVR

In a surprise announcement, Sony took a bit of time out of its State of Play broadcast to confirm that L.A. Noire: The VR Case Files is coming to the PlayStation VR. Even better? It hits the PlayStation Store today. At the time of writing, the title has yet to go live. As such, pricing details, download size, etc. remain under wraps. However, the $30 price tag on Steam is likely indicative of what PSVR owners should anticipate cost-wise.

We also know that it will come with three new minigames just for PSVR owners:

  • Boxing: Step into the ring as Cole Phelps and take on 12 different opponents
  • Speedcar Racing: Race classic 1940’s “Speedcar” vehicles against AI opponents on three new dirt tracks
  • Shooting Galleries: Keep your eye in with target practice in four different shooting galleries, each with their own challenges, targets and weapons

L.A. Noire: The VR Case Files coming to the Sony platform wasn’t an unknown possibility. Last month, a PSVR version appeared on a listing for PEGI ratings, the EU equivalent of the ESRB ratings board. This all but confirmed a PSVR port existed in some capacity.

With the original L.A. Noire experience having launched a couple of years ago on the PlayStation 4, The VR Case Files’ arrival is especially good news. It allows fans of the short-lived series to experience another handful of cases from Cole Phelps’ perspective. In The VR Case Files, the LAPD Investigator must solve seven brand-new cases that weren’t in the initial Team Bondi-developed title. Each new case file on Cole’s desk is derived from real LAPD investigations in the year 1947.

This particular L.A. Noire project was designed from the ground up with virtual reality in mind. Still, fans of the console game should not feel too alienated when diving into the VR exclusive. Driving to pertinent locations, investigating various crime scenes, and interrogating characters remains at the core of experience, regardless, and perhaps enhanced by the VR inclusion.