Sony Most Valued Brand In Asia

The Sony Corporation is one of the biggest consumer electronics in Asia, beating out others in the same category, like Toshiba, Hitachi, Sharp, and many other world renowned companies. While Sony has had a rather rough time lately, especially in the States, recent events on the eastern hemisphere have not significantly blunted the Sony brand. 

Despite the notorious PlayStation Network outage hugely damaging the image of not only PlayStation, but the entire Sony name, the Asian market is still putting great value in the Japanese brand. According to an independent survey done by TNS, a global market research firm, not just in China and Hong Kong, but in all of Asia, Sony was the most valued brand. The Campaign 2011 Top 1000 Asia-Pacific Brands survey polled 3,300 people and were unsurprised with the results of the survey given the everyday use nature of Sony products. According to Atifa Hargrave-Silk, the sponsor for the survey:

I think we often find it’s the everyday brands that come out on top in this survey. It’s not a reflection of Asia’s love affair with luxury brands.

The director of TNS sang a similar tune in regards to where mass-market and luxury consumer products usually ranked on the charts of their studies. According to Thomas Isaac:

Luxury brands, by definition are not mass market products. In most Asian countries, the man on the street has not heard of Louis Vuitton, but he has heard of Sony.

Coincidentally, this news comes out as soon as reports of the PlayStation Network’s return in Japan made headlines – which can only point to an evermore positive position for the Japanese corporation moving forward. In regards to the PlayStation brand under Sony, the PSP is continuing to perform leaps and bounds over its competition just before the eventful release of the PlayStation Vita.

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