BioWare Tests the Waters, Teases Tali Face Reveal for Mass Effect 3

Tali has been an iconic character for the Mass Effect series since its inception, and has attracted a large amount of fanfare, mostly due to the mystery surrounding her. As a quarian, a humanoid race in the Mass Effect universe, she has gotten used to living in a full body suit that not only protects her immune system from viruses, but also completely disguises her face as well. After being a major character in two AAA releases, Tali’s face is open to interpretation, but with a trilogy-ending release coming next year, will fans finally get to see her face?

The official BioWare Twitter account has raised an important question to fans, and one will cause a lot of debate. The post states:

Do you want to see Tali’s face in Mass Effect 3?

Drawings of Tali have been rendered by dozens if not hundreds of artists over the years, all of them differing in one way or another. However, many of them depict quarians as fish-like with dark blue, grey, or purple skin. Whether this is the case is yet to be disclosed, but it appears BioWare might be finally letting the cat out of the bag.

Would you like to see Tali’s face in Mass Effect 3? Also, what do you think she looks like? Post your thoughts in the comments below.