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Optimus Prime Coming Soon to a Desk Near You

Transformers Dark of the Moon may not have been the best Transformers game ever made… but that doesn’t make Optimus Prime any less awesome. In fact, I would go so far as to say that Prime is the greatest Autobot leader of all time. If you like Optimus Prime, and dig his modern look in the latest Michael Bay films then there’s something you absolutely must have on your desk. Even if you’re not a Bay fan, trust me, keep reading.

Revoltech is on a short list of action figure makers that deliver a product of model quality, that remains incredibly articulate and fully posable. One of their latest creations is the extremely detailed and well sculpted Paramount version of Optimus Prime. The joint articulation allows Prime to be posable in a variety of ways, and includes his signature gun and axe. While the Revoltech’s may not transform, they definitely add a nice touch to your gaming décor.

Optimus is now available for pre-order at various imports shop so act fast if you want one. Still undecided? Perhaps the pictures below can help make up your mind.