PS3 Version of Final Fantasy XIV is Coming, Says Square

Final Fantasy XIV began with a rocky launch on the PC, and a popular thought was that the PlayStation 3 version would be cancelled because of it. According to Square Enix, however, the PS3 version is still in development.

In an interview published by the Official Final Fantasy XIV community team, producer Naoki Yoshida confirmed the PS3 was on its way.

Of course. Development is proceeding, do not worry! The PS3 version will come out at all costs.

It has been close to a year since the release on PC and Square Enix has spent most of that time trying to fix or revamp the game, changing up a lot of what the game featured when it launched. It will be interesting to see how far along the game has come when it releases for the PlayStation 3.

While it is nice to hear the game is still in development, many are likely still looking for something more concrete like a release date. Stick with us for more information on Final Fantasy XIV when it releases.