Introducing Starhawk’s Vast New Universe

Starhawk is taking the Warhawk franchise to a whole new level, by bringing us to a space age setting, adding a single player campaign, and implementing all new gameplay mechanics to the immensely popular multiplayer mode. Now, Lightbox Interactive has released a new behind the scenes video, introducing us to the new universe we’ll explore.

We already know the basic premise of Starhawk‘s storyline, and that it plays like a tighter, more refined version of Warhawk thanks to our hands on time at E3 last month. However, it still leaves a bit of mystery about the campaign, characters, and setting involved. Luckily Lightbox Interactive is ready to explain certain details and to lend us some insight on the game, and on how they’ve arrived at the decisions they’ve made. In the following video, they introduce us to the rift energy, which acts as a major energy resource that humans discover can be mined for profit, at the risk of being turned into relentlessly violent mutants. The mutants act to defend the precious resource, which spurs the colonists into brutal war, where Emmet Graves will play a major role in the colonists’ survival.

Between the new base building game mechanics, tightened controls, and new single player story to anchor players in the game world, Starhawk looks like it’s shaping up to be another hit for Lightbox Interactive. I can especially appreciate that Lightbox Interactive has clearly recognized the value of a single player campaign, which gives players a chance to get accustomed to controls, weapons, vehicles, and any other game mechanics. Jumping right into the multiplayer portion of a game you’ve never played can often times be frustrating, especially when you don’t even have the time to learn how to fire your gun before getting fragged. Starhawk is currently slated to release in 2012, so we’re sure to learn more about the new space frontier battles in the coming year.