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Resistance 3 Beta Now Live for SOCOM 4 Voucher Holders [Update]

If you purchased SOCOM 4 on or shortly after its release, then inside the game’s case was a Resistance 3 beta code for you to hold onto. The public beta is supposed to kick off soon, and we’re receiving reports that some of the voucher codes included with SOCOM 4 are now able to be redeemed.

There are reports swarming in that the you can now download the Resistance 3 public beta if you have a voucher from SOCOM 4. Additionally, users with access to the private beta are being asked to download a 1400MB update, hinting that the Resistance 3 public beta brings some new additions not found in the private test.

[Update] We’re also getting reports that some users are still stuck and unable to get their codes to redeem. The beta is supposed to begin on July 25th, for everyone.

Give it a try, and post in the comments if you were able to successfully download and play the beta.