Bane Gets Juiced Up, Returns to Arkham City

Bane continued to be a thorn in Batman’s side throughout most of Arkahm Asylum. Killer Croc may have went down after a few batarangs to the head, but Bane required a much more furious beat down. Getting hit by a speeding Batmobile wasn’t enough to kill Bane, as one of the secret endings for Arkham Asylum hinted at a return of Bane (and also Scarecrow and Killer Croc).

The UK website for Arkham City confirmed that Bane would make a return to the series. This news comes from “Arkahm City Digital Comic #5,” which ties into the cannon of the actual game. Here is a summary provided on the website:

Inside Arkham City, entrapped criminals have to find new ways to keep themselves occupied. In Bane’s case, he’s binding his time by running an extreme fighting ring. The lack of serious competition leaves him frustrated, until an otherwise lackluster opponent produces a big surprise. The result may inspire Bane to take on deadlier hobbies.

So, it looks like Bane will get another chance to break Batman’s back.