PixelJunk Monsters Dances Onto Web Browsers, Goes Free to Play

Q-Games has built a successful development company around the PixelJunk franchise, which includes four different series: Racer, Monsters, Eden, and Shooter, all of which have become synonymous with the PlayStation brand. At the time of its release, PixelJunk Monsters was an innovative tower defense game that replaced the standard point-and-click model with a controllable on-screen character. After teasing a reveal on Google+, Q-Games have announced that they are making another installment to PixelJunk Monsters, but not in the way you would expect.

Q-Games have revealed that the next installment in the PixelJunk Monsters series will be a flash-based, web browser game for social media sites, such as Facebook. Of course, this means that the game will be free to play. Additionally, if you achieve the highest score among your friends on a level, a crown will appear above the level. The implementation of this feature is to increase competition between friends. Due to technical issues, Q-Games has removed co-op, but are trying to figure out a way to get it to work on social media sites.

There will also be a few significant gameplay changes. The game is ditching the linear progression of levels for a grid based system. Players will need to acquire shovels, which are a sort of in-game currency, to open up new grids for playing. There will also be specialized grids like tiki shops, volcanoes, and ports used to travel to new islands. Also, monsters now travel along a single path that is displayed on-screen, and trees can be planted anywhere on-screen with the use of seeds. Seeds are dropped like gems and the player is given a few at the start of the game. The player can pick up gems just by running the mouse cursor over them and no longer need to run to them to pick them up. Lastly, there will be new towers and monsters in this version of the series.