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Q-Games Teases “Important Reveal” For Next Week

Creators of the PixelJunk series, Q-Games have developed a whole host of terrific games for the PlayStation Network, as well as for other platforms. With PixelJunk SideScroller and the exciting PixelJunk lifelike already on the way, Q-Games have teased that they are set to preview something important.

Dylan Cuthbert, game designer and founder of Q-Games, announced the upcoming preview on Google’s new social media push Google+:

A sneak preview of an important reveal which will occur during Q’s very own +Jesse Venbrux‘s talk at Casual Connect next week! If you want to find out more come to the talk!

What do you think it could be….!?

The tease is accompanied by a picture that is most likely from a new title, perhaps as part of the PixelJunk series.

What do you think it could be? Share your thoughts in the comments below.