Rayman Origins Slaps Comic-Con with Screenshots and a New Trailer

Rayman Origins has been a rather quiet title, and one that has metamorphosed since its announcement more than a year ago. Originally, the title was intended to be released in several individual episodes on the PlayStation Network, but earlier in the year Ubisoft proclaimed it to be a full retail title. Featuring over 60 levels and the complete fixings of four player drop-in/drop-out multiplayer, it has a chance at being the party game of choice when it releases this November 15th.

Comic-Con 2011 just began today, and Ubisoft has seized the opportunity by sharing several screenshots and a new trailer for Rayman Origins. You can view the gallery and video below:

As you can tell from the trailer, Rayman Origins is wacky, entertaining, and just classic fun with its slapstick humor and intuitive gameplay. There hasn’t been a Rayman title on a PlayStation platform since 2003… could this be its comeback? If the title does well, you can bet your boots we’ll see another Rayman release in the future.