Rayman Origins Debuts this Christmas, More to Follow

July 7, 2010Written by Corey Schwanz

Announced at E3 just a few weeks ago, Ubisoft’s Rayman Origins now has release dates. Wait, dates? That’s right. Rayman Origins is going to be episodic.

Rayman Origins is Ubisoft’s latest foray into the classic platforming series. With little information other than an announcement actually revealed at the conference, it left us all waiting on bated breath for news on the game. Our patience has been rewarded today, as more unveiled. First, Episode One of Rayman Origins will be hitting “HD Consoles” this Christmas, with the rest coming next year.

Some definitely interesting news is that the game is being created with the UBIart Framework, a “complete ‘homemade’ solution for creating and editing levels and characters.” This new system will also be open source in 2011, allowing players the freedom of all their favorite Rayman characters and monsters in any assortment they want. Why don’t you check out the trailer to get some ideas on what to create? PlayStation LifeStyle will have all the news as soon as it happens.