Ubisoft animated multiverse

Ubisoft Animated Multiverse to Feature Rayman, Watch Dogs, Far Cry: Blood Dragon Shows

In thoroughly unexpected news, French publisher Ubisoft has announced that animated renditions of some of their most popular properties will be hitting the small screen as episodic television shows. The announced video projects—based on games including Rayman, Watch Dogs, Far Cry: Blood Dragon, and more—will together comprise a Ubisoft animated multiverse alongside additional unannounced titles to come.

Laid out below are the upcoming Ubisoft shows and what we currently know to expect from each of them:

  • Captain Laserhawk: A Blood Dragon Vibe — Spinning off from a Far Cry 3 spin-off (meta), this stylish neon series is geared towards young adults and is being worked on by Castlevania producer Adi Shankar. Like Castlevania, it’ll be available on Netflix.
  • Watch Dogs (untitled) — The series based on futuristic cyberhacking may not have an official name yet, but it’s said that the show will tone down the game’s adult content in order to present a “cybermystery” show appropriate for tweens.
  • Rayman (untitled) — Not much is known about this cutesy comedy-adventure, but it’ll be family-friendly in order to remain in line with the Rayman video games.
  • Rabbids Invasion — This successful series was perhaps the catalyst for everything, already boasting four successful seasons and scheduled to make a return for a special set on Mars.
  • Hungry Shark Squad — Bar the fact it’s based on the Hungry Shark mobile games and will be family-friendly, not much is currently known. Judging by the title we could be seeing an ensemble cast of fearsome finned fishies.
  • Sketch show (untitled) — Ubisoft also has an animated comedy sketch show about video game culture in the works. Presumably, it won’t be based on any game in particular but will reference a range of other multiverse shows and Ubisoft properties.

That should be plenty to keep fans busy for a long time to come, though with more reportedly in the pipeline, the Parisian publisher is certainly making a considerable push into the realm of animated television.