The Penguin Makes His Arkham City Debut at Comic-Con in an All-New Trailer

While fans of the franchise are already aware of the fact that Penguin will be in Rocksteady’s upcoming Arkham City, they’ve had yet to see him in action. Well, that is about to change as the toad-like villain makes a glorious debut in his very own trailer.

The Penguin is one sinister dude as you’ll see in the trailer below. Also sneaking in at the end of the clip is the monstrous Solomon Grundy. Fans will remember that Grundy is a zombie that not only possess superhuman strength, but also has unparalleled levels of endurance. In fact, he does not require sleep, food or oxygen. The decision to pair Penguin and Solomon Grundy is an interesting one, and will certainly play into the game’s story.

Looks like Batman will have his hands quite full with these two menaces. Let’s hope Rocksteady comes up with some clever ways to take the hulking mass down when the game ships this October.