Sony Developer Reveals Canceled Games on LinkedIn

While Sony’s first party studios have provided an unprecedented amount of games for the PlayStation 3 – and to a lesser extent the PSP – it’s a sad fact that some games are canceled and never released. Sometimes the cancellation is openly announced, such as with The Getaway and Eight Days, but generally the cancellation is done behind closed doors, with the general public never knowing that the title ever existed. Luckily, if you’re interested in having a look at some of the games that never had a chance to shine, then you’ll love what we’ve found.

Steve Johnson, the Sound Designer at SCEA’s Santa Monica, includes a whole host of canceled titles on his LinkedIn profile:

High Rise (cancelled) – PS3 – Sound Designer / Audio Lead

Hand of God (cancelled) – PS3 – Sound Designer / Audio Lead

Psynapse (cancelled) – PS3, PSP – Sound Designer / Audio Lead

Retriever (cancelled) – PSP – Motion Capture Dialog Recordist, additional sound design

The only game that was previously announced was Psynapse, a brain training game that sadly was never finished.

On top of the canceled games, Johnson’s profile reveals – rather unsurprisingly – that Santa Monica are working on unannounced PS3 projects:

(unannounced title) – PS3 – Sound Designer

(unannounced title) – PS3 – additional sound design

With only titles to go by, we can only speculate what the games could have been about. Share your guesses in the comments below.