RAGE to Have Two and a Half Hours of Cutscenes, Another Two and a Half Hours of Supplementary Cutscenes

Created by the award winning ID Software, RAGE is finally set to come out this October after an extended development time. Combining FPS, RPG and driving genres all into one title, we were blown away when we played it at E3, but we weren’t given a chance to look at the game’s cutscenes – which has now been revealed to be incredibly long.

Just like the whopping five hours of cutscenes in L.A. Noire, RAGE will have 2 hours and 37 minutes of cutscenes for the central storyline and another 2 hours 30 additional cutscenes according to the British Board of Film Classification. Considering much of the game includes playable conversations with NPCs, the length of actual cutscenes is rather impressive. Comparatively, Bodycount has a far shorter 10 minutes of cutscenes.

Rated RAGE 15 by the BBFC, the game is scheduled to release on October 4th in North America and on October 7th in Europe, and will have a special Anarchy Edition.