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Authorities Arrest LulzSec Spokesperson in Scotland

Over the past couple months, the hacker group LulzSec has been wrecking havoc on a number of websites without resolve, but, as of yesterday, the police managed to apprehend a member of the organization, a 19 year-old individual known as Topiary. He was found north of Scotland in the Shetland Islands.

A statement issued by the Scotland Yard confirmed that a residential address is currently being searched. In addition, another supposed member of the group found in Lincolnshire is currently being questioned, though has not yet been arrested. Topiary is being transported to a police facility in London and is expected to be charged at that time. The group has committed a number of crimes involving data breaches and network intrusions.

After stating plans to disband last month, LulzSec has since joined forces with another high profile group of hackers, Anonymous. Under the new alias of AntiSec, the cyber-criminals plan to set their sights on larger, high profile targets.