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Final Fantasy Type-0 Preemtively Strikes with New Screenshots

Ever since Square Enix finally nailed down a release date for Final Fantasy Type-0 in Japan, they have gone into full media frenzy with the game, showing off everything the game has to offer. Today, that media comes in the form of 54 brand new, very slick looking screenshots for the upcoming PSP title.

In these new screenshots we get a good look at many of the characters of Class Zero, the different magic types, and much more. The combat looks fast paced and energetic from the screenshots, and all the characters are very stylized. Take a look at the screenshots below and let us know what you think in the comments section.

Final Fantasy Type-0 is releasing on October 13th in Japan, with no word yet from Square Enix about localization. We hope that they don’t plan to deprive North American markets of what looks to be a top notch RPG for the PlayStation Portable.