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LulzSec May Have Tricked Police Into Arresting The Wrong Guy

We reported earlier that the a member of the group LulzSec had been arrested in the UK, with the police in the UK believing that he could be involved in the numerous attacks on several publishers like Nintendo, Bethesda, Codemasters and Epic. However, the police may have been tricked into taking down the wrong man.

LulzSec Exposed – a blog dedicated to revealing LulzSec members – explained:

We believe MET Police got the wrong guy and it happens because of lot of disinformation floating on the web. LulzSec and Anonymous members are Master trolls and they are good at this.

The ‘Web Ninjas’ who run the site claim that the real Topiary is actually a 23-year-old Swede, who took his name from a low-level member after he split from Anonymous. This mistaken identity was then used to help confuse the authorities about his true identity.

Along with some proof as to Topiary’s Swedish background, a chat log has been published that claims to show the real LulzSec member worrying about whether police where getting close to working out who he was. “If I go hide then people will assume the dox are right,” the alleged Topiary says, continuing “so I’ll just act like they failed hard.” He then mentions the person he stole his name from:

I’m hoping someone will go after him and think it’s me, then I’ll act all scared etc. ANYTHING to divert attention from that f***** nameshub.

The validity of the log is still undetermined, although LulzSec Exposed have previously shown their intent to take down the group.

Meanwhile, the Metropolitan Police said about the Scottish suspect they had arrested:

We’ve successfully applied to Horseferry Road Magistrates Court for a warrant to keep him for another three days. He is British and we are not looking for anyone else.

Stick to PlayStation LifeStyle for more news on the arrest, as it develops.