GLaDOS Voice Actress Working on More Portal Content, New Valve Title

According to a tweet from John Lowrie (husband of Ellen McLain and voice of Team Fortress 2’s sniper) more Portal content is headed our way along with what likely may be a new title from Valve. For those that don’t know, Ellen does the voice work for Portal’s sinister AI mastermind GLaDOS as well as the voice of the Overwatch in Half-Life.

Lowrie’s post on Twitter reads:

Ellen is going in Tuesday for a new game and more Portal work

While confirmation that more Portal content is on the way shouldn’t come as much of a surprise as Portal 2 DLC is in development, the mention of a new game should have Valve fans salivating. Could this new title be the long awaited DOTA sequel, or perhaps another instalment in the Half-Life franchise? With Half-Life 2: Episode 2 launching almost four years ago, the franchise is due for a sequel or at the very least another episode.

Regardless of what this new project may be, if it’s coming out of Valve it’ll certainly be worth putting on your radar.