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The Church in the Darkness Will Have You Infiltrate a Cult Early This August

Remember The Church in the Darkness, the action-infiltration game that was originally supposed to launch in early 2017? It’s made a grand return, this time with a release date of August 2, 2019 attached. Those curious about one of the seedier sides of humanity will get to venture into the darkness in a few days on the PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, PC, and Xbox One.

Preorders are live for the Xbox One and Switch versions at discount prices for the standard ($19.95) and True Believer ($29.95) editions. The more expensive edition will feature ‘making of’ videos and The Church in the Darkness‘ original soundtrack. Preorder and pricing details for the PlayStation 4 and Steam versions aren’t yet known.

The Church in the Darkness offers a top-down experience where players assume the role of a former police officer, Vic. He’s called upon to perform something of a welfare check on his nephew, Alex, and must infiltrate a settlement known as Freedom Town. Formed in the late 1970s by radical leaders of the Collective Justice Mission, Isaac and Rebecca Walker, Freedom Town represents a socialistic utopia of sorts. Its settlement in South America was founded when the Walkers felt persecuted for their beliefs by the US government.

See the game’s latest trailer in the video below:

When infiltrating the cult, the player will have to determine whether Vic will get the answers he needs via stealth or violence. Regardless of whether Alex wants to willingly leave with Vic, there are many ways in which the story can come to a conclusion. The various endings rest on the shoulders of player choice. These choices will include whether to confront the Walkers, join the cult full on, and more.

The Church in the Darkness features quite the impressive voice cast, too. Ellen McLain, who lent her voice to GLaDOS in Portal plays one of the cult leaders, Rebecca Walker. Team Fortress 2’s John Patrick Lowrie voices the other cult leader, Isaac.

[Source: Fellow Traveller via Gematsu]