Catherine Seduces Over 200,000 People in her First Week

Catherine has been the talk of the town lately, mostly due to its extremely bizarre style and sex-centric themes. These qualities may seem like they’d prevent the product from moving off shelves, but the numbers prove otherwise. Its publishers at Atlus promptly announced that Catherine has been their best launch title ever, which is pretty hefty when you consider they’ve been around since 1991. Now the sales numbers are in, and they’ve come along with some cake.

Atlus has announced the total sales tally for Catherine today in a special way. Their tweet states the following:

This #Catherine cake is rated M for mmmmmm! #thiscakewillhaveashortlifespan

Just what cake are they referring to? See the sweets below:

Catherine is well on its way to ultimately breaking the one-million sales figure in the US that many developers only dream of. In February, Catherine sold over 140,000 copies in its first week in Japan, and will be published by Deep Silver in Europe later this year. It’s hard to pin-point exactly what caused the game to sell so well, but I’m sure the sexy box-art attracted a few buyers. If you’ve purchased Catherine, let us know what prompted you to buy the game in the comments below. Oh, and check out our Catherine Trophy Guide if you could use a hand.