Yoshinori Ono Wants to Develop a Marvel vs DC Dream Game Next

Fighting game fans have been in luck the past couple years with memorable releases from the BlazBlue, Mortal Kombat, and Street Fighter series. In terms of the future, Capcom’s Street Fighter X Tekken has been garnering some very positive attention, and with a release in early 2012, many believe it’s the next big fighter to look out for. But what’s worth looking forward to after that? Ono has some ideas.

Producer at Capcom, Yoshinori Ono, has some big ideas about what the fighting game genre could see in the future, and has some dream projects up his sleeve. During his latest interview, Ono said the following:

But I’ve had a couple of dream projects in my head for a while, one being Street Fighter X Tekken, which is actually coming true. Another would be a Marvel vs DC game which would be pretty damned cool if we could ever pull it off. I’m a big comic-book fan.

In terms of the likelihood of this happening, Ono said:

Now if I can get the presidents of those two companies in the same room shaking hands, then we could get something started. I’d love to see that just as a fan!

Back in 1996, DC and Marvel clashed in a limited series of comic books that were very popular for their short time on shelves, so this isn’t too surprising. Both the DC and Marvel comics have some of the most recognizable heroes and villains in today’s day and age, including but not limited to Batman, Spider-Man, Superman, Joker, and Magneto. Seeing them clash in a AAA fighting game would be definitely worth checking out. Stay tuned!