Slow 3D TV Uptake isn’t a Concern for SCEE, Adding 3D is “not a Significant Overhead for us”

While Sony has been pushing 3D technology over the past couple of years, consumers have been reluctant to adopt the new technology. Whether it’s because of the price or sheer lack of interest, Simon Benson, the senior development manager at SCEE isn’t worried about the lackluster adoption rate of 3D televisions.

Speaking to, Benson explained how easy and cheap it is to add 3D functionality to a game.

It’s certainly not a concern for us on the game side, the major reason being… when we’re adding 3D features to a game, it’s not a significant overhead for us. What we’re talking about here is, in some cases we’ve had titles where 3D has been half a percent of overhead. It can literally be the render programmer spending a couple of weeks manipulating it… So often it’s the case of it doesn’t even hit the radar of whether we should or shouldn’t, it can just be done.

On the other hand, the adoption of 3D technology is of the utmost importance to parent company Sony, as they have invested quite a bit of cash into the tech. Fortunately, the cost of 3D enabled sets is beginning to drop as time goes on, making them a much more affordable option for the average consumer.

We’re not asking people to fork out twice as much here, and I think what probably going to happen over time is it’ll be the case like now, if you try and go out and buy a standard definition TV you probably just wouldn’t be able to.

With Sony’s 3D-enabled PlayStation Display launching later this year, there will be plenty of options for those on a tight budget who are looking to get involved in 3D gaming.