Ken Levine Loves the PSV, Does “Everything but Make me an Omelet”

When Irrational Games head Ken Levine took the stage at Sony’s E3 press conference this year to praise the Vita, everyone was a bit surprised. Levine and his studio make up one of the most brilliant developers of this generation, so if they’re excited about the Vita, there’s no reason gamers shouldn’t be as well.

In an interview with PlayStation.Blog, Levine shared his thoughts on Sony’s upcoming handheld, lauding it for its expansive feature set as well as having dual analog sticks.

I’m a gamer, right? I like playing games on iPad… but deep down I want that level of control. What’s cool about PS Vita is that it seems to have all the benefits of an iPad-type device with the touchscreen and motion controls. But it has dual analog sticks… and I love shooters. You can finally play a shooter, a real shooter, on a handheld. Seriously, that’s a hole in my soul right now. Now I’ll have something I can play real shooters on, and that’s really important to me. It’s awesome.

I tweeted a while ago that it did everything but make me an omelet. It sort of has everything and the kitchen sink in it, which is great as a gamer.

Judging by how well Bioshock Infinite appears to be coming along, future Vita owners have plenty to look forward to when the console launches next year – including a Bioshock title.