Ra.One Shows Off Some Gameplay and Cutscene Screenshots

India-based developer Trine Games has been working on a PlayStation 3 exclusive that you might not be aware of. A video game adaptation of the Ra.One superhero film is in development by the studio, and it’ll be published by none other than Sony. A few screenshots have emerged from the game, and they show off both the animated cutscenes and gameplay.

The first Ra.One game screenshots are viewable below:

The upcoming Ra.One film is perfect for a video game adaptation as it includes superheroes, gaming, and sci-fi flair. The game will feature voiceovers from the same actors and actresses who appear in the movie, and it will be a prequel to the events that appear in the movie. Also, the game will feature half a dozen unique characters, and 20 levels that will make an appearance in the film. Since the movie is a big deal in India, this could be a big move by Sony to bring the Indian audience to the PlayStation platform.

The film releases on October 26th, but this video game prequel will release before that in September exclusively for the PS3.