New Game Modes and Gameplay Changes Ambush Modern Warfare 3

Although Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 will likely be in more family homes than any other video game released in 2011 by the time this year ends, it has managed to stay out of the radar relatively well. What we’ve seen to this point has been extremely similar to previous releases, but rest assured Infinity Ward will make some major improvements to spice things up starting with new online modes.

In an effort to get people talking about Modern Warfare 3 again (Battlefield 3 has been all the rage lately), Infinity Ward Creative Strategist Robert Bowling stated the following via Twitter:

There’s no dive to prone in #MW3 but I can’t talk about MP specifics yet, but there are new modes.

One of the most defining characteristics that set Black Ops apart from its predecessors was the dive to prone, or as some call it the ‘dolphin jump’. The ability to prone on the run gave players more mobility, and promoted players to explore the advantages of phoning in the competitive environment, which in many cases led to a few people camping in a corner. It’s not surprising to see Infinity Ward throw the idea away before release, but it does make you wonder if MW3 will be the same mind-numbing run and gun game that MW2 ended up being.

In regards to the new modes, all major game types have been covered in the franchise, so whatever is in production will have to either be a new take on something familiar, or a radical new idea. The Wager Matches of Black Ops come to mind, and chances are we’ll see something similar appear in MW3.

Stay tuned for more from Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 as its November release date approaches.