All PS Vita Games Will Be Available Digitally on PS Store

One of the biggest issues with the PSP Go when it was announced was the fact that not every game was supported digitally, splitting their market and forcing people to own both a PSP and Go to play every game. It looks like Sony has learned their lesson and announced that all Vita games will be available through the PS Store.

Sony Computer Entertainment Europe CEO Jim Ryan confirmed during the Sony gamescom 2011 conference that every single game for the new handheld could be purchased either through the store or a retail format.

Sony has already confirmed the retail format, which will come in a 2GB or 4GB size, with the lesser being available for smaller games and the bigger for, well, bigger games. This is a huge improvement to UMDs, which were 1.8GB in size, and wasted a lot of battery power. The format will also save 5-10% on the physical media for game saves and patches, taking away some of the stress from the Vita.

This is a great move by Sony to satisfy both retail and digital gamers – now where is the release date?