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Sony Details NGP Media Format at GDC

March 3, 2011Written by Sebastian Moss

Announced earlier this year, Sony’s PlayStation Portable successor, the NGP, packs enough power to play “near-PlayStation 3” level games on a smaller screen, with a front and rear touchpad adding new levels of interactivity. While the handheld was known to use a proprietary flash memory device, the actual capacity and even the name of device remained unknown – until now.

During Sony’s NGP Game Developer’s Conference, the company detailed the flash format, tentatively called the NVG Card. David Coomes, Platform Research Manager, described the new format, which will be available to publishers in two different storage capacities – 2GBs and 4GBs, with 2GB meant for smaller, casual games, and 4GB for larger, blockbuster titles. In comparison, the original PSP’s UMD’s stored up to 1.8GBs.

5-10% of the NVG will be reserved for game saves, patches and game updates, helping to minimise data on the NGP.

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