Resistance: Burning Skies Detailed at gamescom

At the press conference at gamescom today the full title for the PS Vita’s Resistance game was revealed, as well as a first look at gameplay and details on new features.

The demo for Resistance: Burning Skies was set in New York, just before the events of Resistance 2, when the Chimera invade America. Players will control Tom Riley, who is helping defend the Ellis Island research facility, where research on ways to fight off the Chimera is vital to human survival.

Tom Riley’s weapon of choice to begin with is the fire axe, a melee weapon which makes sense for the character, who used to be a firefighter. The axe is available at all times, and can be selected via regular buttons on the Vita, or a virtual button that displays as an icon on the right hand side of the screen. A few other weapons were shown off, like the iconic bullseye, which still uses rapid fire to its advantage. However, the secondary fire now differs, not only in what it is, but the execution as well. Players will now be able to drag their finger across the screen to indicate what enemies to hit, causing homing rockets to launch for the kill. The carbine also showed up a moment later, which made use of this feature where a quick tap of the screen launches a grenade at the desired location.

Burning Skies will also utilize a new automated cover system. It doesn’t lock your character into place, but approaching any cover object will cause the character to automatically move into position and seek protection. While in cover another use of screen tapping was shown off, with throwing grenades. Similar to the fire axe, a virtual button will appear on the right hand side of the screen. Pressing on it, then dragging and dropping across the screen causes the grenade to be cooked during the drag, and thrown at the location dropped. Finally, a brief glance at the Chimeran chaingun was shown off, which unloads a storm of projectiles at the ever prevalent enemies in Resistance. After mowing down a group of Chimerans and a larger one burrowing into a water tower the demo ended, but those few minutes showed a promising FPS for the Vita.