Battlefield 3: No Local Friends Invited

Games with local co-op are becoming a rare thing in the gaming industry, as more and more titles are pushing people to play online to get their friendly fix. The upcoming shooter, Battlefield 3, will be yet another addition to the common, and incredibly disappointing trend of this generation.

When asked by GamingLives if the game would allow for local co-op, Troedsson, DICE general manager, replied:

No, it has to be online to do it.

Battlefield 3 will feature six online co-op maps, with each of them clocking in at around 15-45 minutes in length, depending of course on difficulty and which map you choose. Maps in co-op will be at random, meaning that no two playthroughs should be the same, providing extra depth to the mode. It is a little bit disappointing to see a highly anticipated shooter that doesn’t allow you to invite a friend over and play, but the online co-op should be a lot of fun.

Battlefield 3 is launching this October for the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and PC.