Explore in SSX’s Multiplayer and Compete Globally

The new SSX game is improving upon everything that’s made the series great while making the natural move for developing on current generation hardware – implementing a comprehensive online multiplayer mode, as shown in a new trailer and screenshots.

The new SSX game looks and plays fantastically already, which is incredible considering it’s still in the pre-alpha stages, meaning assets are still being built and the developers haven’t had time to polish anything yet. Of course, a huge part of the development process is creating a smooth online mode that encourages continual competition between friends and foes alike, and it’s clear the team is devoting plenty of energy to doing just that.

Several main elements are planned which will keep friends connected, while ensuring that there’s always more to do. A “Rider Net” sounds similar to Need for Speed‘s Autolog, since it tracks friends accomplishments, suggests new friends, and even allows players to down vote annoying friends. The combines with an “Explore” feature, which allows players to upload their runs as ghosts for friends to compete against even when they’re not online. If a friend competes against your ghost and wins, they win money, but if they lose the reward is yours instead. Finally, “Global Events” will be held which can pit up to 100,000 players in single event to compete with each other, which may last anywhere from a few minutes up to a few days.


With their new scanning technology allowing the use of real world mountains for terrain, comprehensive plans for multiplayer modes, and over the top snow boarding action the SSX franchise is so well known for, this latest entry is shaping up to provide enormous amounts of fun. It’s been far too long since we’ve since SSX release on a PlayStation platform, but every bit of info makes it clear it’ll be worth the wait.