Ninja Theory Sees Overwhelming DmC Criticism as Motivation

DmC has had its fair share of obstacles so far, whether it be the decision to let Ninja Theory take over the reigns of the widely-loved series, the major and perplexing changes to Dante, or negative press about the visual style of the game. The team at Ninja Theory is well aware of these hurdles, and if anything welcomes them as potentially rewarding challenges.

The latest from Devil May Cry, DmC, has been one of the major titles of discussion at this year’s Gamescom convention. During the game’s private presentation, Tameem Antoniades, co-founder of Ninja Theory, shared his team’s adamant response to negative feedback from fans of previous releases. While discussing the noticeable changes made in the upcoming release, Tameem stated:

We’ve got our plan and we’re not changing it… 

He continued:

The people who are skeptical secretly want to like it, and our job is to prove it’s Devil May Cry in essence.

In other words, if you’re disappointed with what direction the series is heading, too bad. Ninja Theory has a lot of pressure to work under, especially when you consider that Devil May Cry is used as a a measure for other releases in the hack and slash genre. Making dramatic changes to the formula has likely made development even more intense, and all we can do is wait and hope that Ninja Theory can pull off a miracle of sorts.