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Dante Shares His Cute Haircut in Latest Screenshots

DmC is one title that has had a hard time capturing positive attention. Developing the latest iteration of the Devil May Cry series, Ninja Theory has the tricky challenge of creating a solid third person action title for a series that has already solidified a fan base. Unfortunately, initial impressions have been sour, mostly due to the visual style of young Dante (it’s a prequel). The latest screenshots don’t exactly help, either.

Several new screenshots from DmC are viewable below:

Is that Dante? Really? It’s as if Devil May Cry met Twilight, which is something I could only imagine in my darkest nightmares. He sure changed a lot as he got older… for the better.

What do you think of Ninja Theory’s style of Dante? A release window hasn’t been announced, so now is the best time to share feedback. Post what you think before it’s too late in the comments below.